17 Laser sailors who competed in the last Olympic games in China, have participated in one of our programs. Rulo continues to coach regularly in grade 1 Laser events. In 2010 Rulo coached in Miami OCR, Laser NA’s, Central American games, and Asian Games.  Coaching all over the world and trading ideas with other expert coaches and top sailors,  has kept Rulo at the top of the coaching game, knowing what it takes to maximize any sailors performance.


Our group clinics are designed to help you to improve on Tactics, Strategy, Boat Speed and Boat handling.

Our sailing base is located in the Cabarete, Dominican Republic were the sailing conditions are perfect the whole year!

For Laser clinics please look our calendar bellow. If those date don’t fit your needs just email us and we will find the best option for you.

For Optimist clinics in cabarete please visit our partner website at:

Clinics and events Calendar 2014:

  1. May 1st - 4th Radial Youth Training, Cabarete DR

  1. May 10th - 14th Radial Master Training, Cabarete DR

  1. May 15th - 26 Full Rig Training, Cabarete DR

  1. June 1st - 15th European Laser Championship Coaching. Split Croatia

  1. July  1st - 4th Wind Youth Clinic, Oregon USA

  1. July 6th - 9th Laser Performance Clinic, Oregon USA

  1. July 10th - 13th Master North Americans Coaching, Oregon USA

  1. July 22nd - 30th Laser Training, Rio Brazil

  1. August 1st - 10th Pre Olympics Coaching, Rio Brazil

  1. August  13th - 17th Pre Master Worlds Clinic, Cabarete DR

  1. August 22nd - 29th Pre ISAF World Training, Cabarete DR

  1. September 5th - 19th ISAF World Coaching, Spain

If you have questions regarding our clinics please contact us!

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